The History of Cafe Alfredo's

I was born in Sicily and came to America with my family when I was three years old. My mother brought with her many recipes she learned in Italy and prepared these distinctly Italian dishes for us every day.

As a young boy, I would watch my mom cook on weekends. I loved the aromas of the foods she was cooking and the way she blended ingredients in her own special, caring way. Often she would let me help her prepare these dinners, an experience I treasure to this day.

As I got older, I would cook certain foods like sausage, peppers and onions, and chicken parmigiana on my own. I always remembered how mom did it and I remained true to her highest standards of fresh ingredients, and most of all, to her passion and love for the art of Italian cooking.

I was working in the restaurant business before I had a driver’s license. From delis to bakeries to pizzerias, I knew what I wanted to do early in life and worked hard to make it my life’s calling.

At Café Alfredo’s my goal is to do more than provide my customers with dishes made with the finest ingredients at reasonable prices. My passion is to give them a truly home cooked meal like those I made when I cooked in my mom’s kitchen as a young boy.


Giuseppe Rubino
Owner, Café Alfredo’s